About Us

Essymart Africa is a technology-based social enterprise that exists to support and empower crop farmers in Uganda. Essymart helps farmers solve their farming challenges, especially people who are socially or economically disadvantaged. We help farmers solve farming problems ranging from sourcing high quality farm inputs, agricultural credit, better farming methods, information sharing, crop monitoring and also provides a marketplace for the product  traded on a B2B model, where the buyers and sellers can directly connect & trade in different agricultural products.

Additionally, as an add-on, Essymart also provides Daily price information, Weather updates, and farming solutions information via digital tools. Essymart believes that our farm management technology can help increase the productivity and efficiency of Ugandan crop farmers.

To help farmers increase production yields, we developed several innovation technologies that we believe can improve productivity and efficiency. In addition to technology, we have Essymart Officers who are trained and have experience in crop farming to help and provide direction. We know that transforming agriculture at scale and the resilience of diverse farmers depends on leveraging science, technology, and financing. 

Essymart is helping farmers produce high yielding, high quality crops sustainably by leveraging science, technology and financing. We aspire to empower farmers to produce high yielding, high quality crops sustainably for generations to come.
Essymart helps poor smallholder farmers in Uganda and entire sub Saharan Africa to seek information confidently without fear, regardless of their economic status, education level or gender in their local languages.
This will allow farmers with farming tips, thereby increasing their yields and production.


To use technology and innovation to transform the way people access farming support, and provide a seamless integration of the online and offline farming experience.


To be a leading Agritech venture committed to building an ecosystem where every farmer cultivates with dignity and feeds the world with pride